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Include HoganTemplate function as a standalone file #15

danielstocks opened this Issue · 4 comments

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It would be useful if there was some kind of build script, that would automagically extract the HoganTemplate function, into a separate .js file that could be included in a web-browser, when parsing "pre-compiled" templates. It would make using tools like this more straight-forward:

Right now, you'll have to manually extract the HoganTemplate function from the hogan.js script, to avoid including the whole library in the browser.

Dust.js already does something like this:

Thanks for allt the great work on hogan.js btw, loving it so far!


This is now fixed on the trunk. Need to talk with @fat about pushing a new release.

@sayrer sayrer closed this
fat commented

Pushed - also, @sayrer i added you as an npm owner :)


Thanks a lot for your work on this! Greatly appreciated.


How does one get a hold of this HoganTemplate.js I have run into nothing but problems with Hogan at this point. Underscore * issue trying to make release 3.0 and what not. How do I go about extracting just the HoganTemplate part from at least build 2.0 . Hedgehog compiles my templates just fine but in the browser while trying to add 2.0 libraries I get Uncaught ReferenceError: HoganTemplate is not defined? Any help would be appreciated.

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