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Template inheritance docs #70

rdrey opened this Issue Apr 13, 2012 · 14 comments
rdrey commented Apr 13, 2012

Hi guys

from the previous issues and commit messages it looks like Hogan can now do inheritance.

Can you write an example / doc / test to show the syntax, please?


rdrey commented Apr 13, 2012

Alright, found the tests in test/index.js from line 713 onwards. Nice!

@rdrey rdrey closed this Apr 13, 2012

I think the issue should remain open though, in the sense that it should be written somewhere that hogan supports this extension to mustache.

Just learned it completely by mistake while reading this issue -> mustache/spec#38

And it never occurred to me I should look at the tests source to learn about it :D.

@rdrey rdrey reopened this Apr 17, 2012

@rdrey thanks for reopening! :D.

rdrey commented Apr 17, 2012

I agree that reading tests and past issues/commits is not the easiest way to learn about Hogan's inheritance ;)

sontek commented Sep 5, 2012

+1 on needing documentation

tylorr commented Feb 13, 2013


Is there any progress on this?


+1 Documentation, please

urban commented May 8, 2013

+1 on better documentation


+1 on better docs, looking for template inheritance documentation.


+1 on inheritance documentation, please

igl commented Aug 10, 2013

+1 zzz

tuxbear commented Oct 5, 2014

ehm... +1 ?

jazzdan commented Oct 5, 2014

There is some documentation to be had in the form of the hogan.js tests. The template inheritance implementation in mustache.php also has some documentation. Not ideal but thought I would point folks towards some stuff!

tuxbear commented Oct 5, 2014

Thanks @jazzdan! Just finished reading the (very) old proposal for template inheritance in the mustache spec repo. Thanks for putting in the PR, hope it'll get merged!

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