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### Supported Services
-Iago understands service requests in the following formats:
+Iago can generate service requests that travel the net in different ways and are in different formats. The code that does this is in a Transport, a class that extends <code>ParrotTransport</code>. Iago comes with several Transports already defined. When you configure your test, you will need to set some parameters; to understand which of those parameters are used and how they are used, you probably want to look at the source code for your test's Transport class.
-* Thrift
-* Memcached / Kestrel
-* UDP
+* HTTP: Use <a href="">FinagleTransport</a>
+* Thrift: Use <a href="">ThriftTransport</a>
+* Memcached: Use <a href="">MemcacheTransport</a>
+* Kestrel: Use <a href="">KestrelTransport</a>
+* UDP: Use <a href="">ParrotUdpTransport</a>
Your service is typically an HTTP or Thrift service written in either Scala or Java.

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