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6e71075 change build system to use ivy. rock!!!
Robey Pointer authored
1 target
18adad0 rest of the renaming.
Robey Pointer authored
2 kestrel.tmproj
aeb7c5d ignore dist.
Robey Pointer authored
3 dist
1e51f08 Switched temp dir creating from using currentTimeMillis to UUID
Zachary Kim authored
4 *.class
5 bin
6 .manager
4c2417f Adding support for the VERSION command. This will enable the use of the
Frederic Jean authored
7 .DS_Store
0317853 @qhoxie Add vim swap files to gitignore
qhoxie authored
8 *.sw?
df405ca weird.
Robey Pointer authored
9 project/boot/
10 project/plugins/lib_managed/
11 project/plugins/src_managed/
12 project/plugins/project/
7e91df3 ignore lib_managed/.
Robey Pointer authored
13 lib_managed/
c244f85 add ignore/.
Robey Pointer authored
14 ignore/
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