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release: 23 September 2011
- Remove the extra linefeed from memcache "version" and "dump_stats"
repsonses. [prcm]
- Reduce the number of Promise objects created when a client isn't waiting
for one.
- Use a separate background thread for expiring queue items.
- Several improvements to the load tests. [Eric Lindvall, Jonathan Reichhold]
- Add "version" support to the text protocol. [Cory G Watson]
- Report latency of gets (hits vs misses) and sets.
- Fix a deadlock with transactions that abort and hand off the aborted item
to a waiting client that has also disconnected. [Jeff Clites]
- Don't fsync if nothing has been written to the journal since last time.
[Jeff Clites]
- Be more careful about recovering from corrupt/truncated journals, and exit
cleanly if something goes awry during startup. [Jeff Clites]
- Delete counters & gauges for queues that have been deleted. [Cory G Watson]
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