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Test failure on release_2_2 #83

gsilk opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Getting the following test failure on the release_2_2 branch when running sbt package-dist:

[error] x Server should
[info] + configure per-queue
[info] + reload
[info] + set and get one entry
[info] + set with expiry
[info] + set and get binary data
[info] + commit a transactional get
[info] + abort a transactional get
[info] + auto-rollback a transaction on disconnect
[info] + handoff an item in the face of disconnected clients
[info] + handoff an item immediately after disconnecting
[error] x cancel the timer for a long-poll on disconnect
[error] '1' is not equal to '0' (ServerSpec.scala:297)


hm, i wonder if it's a race.

if you replace line 297

    kestrel.queueCollection.queue("slow").get.waiterCount mustEqual 0


    kestrel.queueCollection.queue("slow").get.waiterCount must eventually(be_==(0))

does that fix it?


I was having the same problem, but your change definitely solves the issue in branch release_2_2

I'm confused though, which branch is the current stable release branch? I see a release_3_0 branch in github, but in your homepage ( it looks like kestrel 2.1.4 is the latest stable release.

Many thanks!


i committed the fix since it at least doesn't make the test any worse. :)

the current stable release is master (2.1). sorry about the branch confusion. the 2.2 and 3.0 branches are in active development, and may work fine, but haven't been released yet.

@robey robey closed this
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