Twitter's fork of Apache Mahout (we intend to push changes upstream)
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Welcome to Apache Mahout!

Mahout is a scalable machine learning library that implements many different
approaches to machine learning.  The project currently contains
implementations of algorithms for classification, clustering, frequent item
set mining, genetic programming and collaborative filtering. Mahout is 
scalable along three dimensions: It scales to reasonably large data sets by 
leveraging algorithm properties or implementing versions based on Apache 
Hadoop. It scales to your perferred business case as it is distributed under 
a commercially friendly license. In addition it scales in terms of support 
by providing a vibrant, responsive and diverse community.
Getting Started


To compile the sources run 'mvn clean install'
To run all the tests run 'mvn test'
To setup your ide run 'mvn eclipse:eclipse' or 'mvn idea:idea'
For more info on maven see

For more information on how to contribute see:


 Please see the NOTICE.txt included in this directory for more information.