Status Variables

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Status variables that provide information about the Twitter MySQL server operation.

Variable Name Variable Type Variable Scope
Max_statement_time_exceeded Numeric Session, Global
Max_statement_time_set Numeric Session, Global
Max_statement_time_set_failed Numeric Session, Global
Com_insert_noop Numeric Session, Global
Rows_sent Numeric Session, Global
Rows_examined Numeric Session, Global
Thread_running_max Numeric Session, Global
Read_queries Numeric Session, Global
Write_queries Numeric Session, Global
Total_queries_rejected Numeric Session, Global
Write_queries_rejected Numeric Session, Global
Write_queries_running Numeric Session, Global
  • Max_statement_time_exceeded

    Number of statements that exceeded the maximum execution time.

  • Max_statement_time_set

    Number of statements that were time-limited.

  • Max_statement_time_set_failed

    Number of failed attempts to set the maximum execution time.

  • Com_insert_noop

    Number of insert/upsert statements that does not insert or update any row.

  • Rows_sent

    Number of rows sent back to clients.

  • Rows_examined

    Number of rows examined by MySQL before sent back to clients.

  • Thread_running_max

    Max number of running threads since last execution of SHOW STATUS.

  • Read_queries

    Number of read queries executed.

  • Write_queries

    Number of write queries executed.

  • Total_queries_rejected

    Number of total queries that have been rejected due to throttling.

  • Write_queries_rejected

    Number of total write queries that have been rejected due to throttling.

  • Write_queries_running

    Number of write queries that are currently executing.