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The INNODB_SPACE_STATS tables provides statistics counters for InnoDB tablespaces. These statistics represent low-level counters for the number of read, write or flush operations. The counters are incremented whenever a request is made to read, write or flush data to an InnoDB tablespace.

InnoDB spaces are represented in this table if they have been opened since the server was started, and not aged out of the tablespace memory cache. In the unlikely case a tablespace is removed from the cache, the counters values are lost.

Column name Description
SPACE Tablespace ID.
SPACE_NAME File path of the ibd file.
READ_REQS The number of requests to read data from the tablespace.
READ_BYTES The number of bytes read from the tablespace.
WRITE_REQS The number of requests to write data to the tablespace.
WRITE_BYTES The number of bytes written to the tablespace.
FLUSH_REQS The number of requests to flush tablespace data to the storage layer.
EXTEND_REQS The number of requests to extend tablespace file.
EXTEND_BYTES The number of bytes that a tablespace file had been extended.
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