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Ostrich and multiple servers #31

pcetsogtoo opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I'm trying to setup ostrich to run on multiple servers behind a load balancer. Right now I have few ostrich instances running independently. Is there any way to have centralized ostrich server that collects data from clients?


Would it be a good idea to implement observer pattern in somewhere (maybe in StatsProvider trait as the Subject?) so it can send the stats data to a remote server via akka actor or ZeroMQ


currently we fetch stats either by running json_stats_fetcher.rb in a cron job, or from an external server that does effectively the same thing.

there's also the ability to have the stats dumped minutely into a log file in json format.

what do you have in mind? i'm very open to alternate ways to expose the collected stats. :)


oh, i see this is now covered by #33.

@robey robey closed this
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