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Docker images are currently hosted on Docker hub


To pull the docker image created from this Dockerfile, run:

docker pull thinkingfish/pelikan

The docker image hub also include previous versions, tagged by version number.


The image contains all the binaries built from Pelikan. To invoke a specific binary with a specific config, you will need to:

  • log into a running container, OR
  • override the CMD variable


To enter a running container of the pelikan image:

docker run -it --entrypoint=/bin/bash thinkingfish/pelikan

From here you can run any command you want, for example:

pelikan@a9eabfea0cee:/pelikan$ pelikan_twemcache -v
Version: 0.1.1

To run a binary with a pre-installed config file, you can run:

pelikan@a9eabfea0cee:/pelikan$ pelikan_slimcache /etc/pelikan/slimcache.conf

And exit when you are done.

Override CMD

You can also override CMD when launching the container:

docker run --name pelikan thinkingfish/pelikan pelikan_slimcache /etc/pelikan/slimcache.conf

And when done, kill the container:

docker kill pelikan


docker daemon not found (OSX)

On Mac OSX, if docker commands fail and throw the following message:

Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the docker daemon running on this host?

Add the following line to your bash start script (or equivalent):

eval $(docker-machine env default)