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Sbt-thrift is an sbt 0.11 plugin that adds a mixin for doing thrift code auto-generation during your


Until standard-project is released as an sbt 0.11 plugin, you'll need to publish local. So...

$sbt publish-local


There is a really crude scripted plugin. You can run it with

$sbt scripted

How it works

The plugin registers itself as a source generator for the compile phase. Settings are added for both compile and test phases, so if you have thrift files in src/test/thrift they'll get processed too.

Getting SbtThrift

See for information on adding plugins. In general, you'll need to add the following to your project/plugins.sbt file:

addSbtPlugin("com.twitter" % "sbt-thrift % "11.0.0-SNAPSHOT")

Mixing in SbtThrift

Using a .sbt file

import com.twitter.sbt._

seq(SbtThrift.newSettings: _*)

Using a .scala build definition

import sbt._
import Keys._
import com.twitter.sbt._

object Util extends Build {
    lazy val root = Project(id = "util", base = file("."))
        settings (SbtThrift.settings: _*)

Settings Overview

  • thrift-name - name of thrift binary to use. Usually "thrift", but can be "thrift-finagle" if you want finagle bindings.
  • thrift-platform - qualifier for the thrift binary to use calculated from os.arch and
  • thrift-bin - the File to use for thrift gen. Usually extracted from the jar, but overridable with the SBT__THRIFT__BIN environment variable
  • thrift-sources-dir - where thrift source files are
  • thrift-gen-langs - languages to emit. This is just for thrift gen. It doesn't necessarily pass all of these to sbt for compilation.
  • thrift-compile-langs - languages to compile. Java/Scala only, unless you extend stuff more
  • thrift-include-folders - folders to search for thrift includes.
  • thrift-sources - thrift files to process. Generated from thrift-sources-dir
  • thrift-output-dir - where to emit thrift files.
  • thrift-is-dirty - should we re-gen thrift files
  • thrift-gen - actually generate thrift

Where did scala thrift gen go?


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