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Commits on Dec 16, 2014
  1. @travisbrown

    Prepare scala-json for new releases for Scala 2.10 and 2.11

    travisbrown committed
    There is no scala-json release for Scala 2.11. The primary obstacle is the fact
    that there is no specs release for Scala 2.11, and the project uses specs for
    its tests. There are also minor issues with the project's documentation, build,
    licensing, etc.
    I've migrated the tests from specs to ScalaTest, updated the documentation and
    licenses, removed 2.9 from the SBT build, and added configuration for a Travis
    CI build. The test migration is as literal as possible, and does not attempt to
    address any issues with the specs tests apart from the fact that they were
    written in specs.
    The project builds (with SBT) and tests pass for both 2.10 and 2.11. There are
    no changes to the project code (apart from the tests) except for one addition to
    a header and one stylistic change (de-relativizing an import).
  2. @travisbrown

    Remove more poms

    Johan Oskarsson committed with travisbrown
    Not sure how these slipped by last time, removing more poms. Will skip adding the rest of the company out of shame and since they already shipited it.
  3. @travisbrown

    Cut over from maven publishing to pants publishing.

    Andy Reitz committed with travisbrown
  4. @travisbrown

    Upgrade pants in the birdcage to 1.0.9rc6.

    Andy Reitz committed with travisbrown
  5. @theatrus @travisbrown

    scala-json: Fix mis-serialization of "control characters"

    theatrus committed with travisbrown
  6. @bmdhacks @travisbrown

    birdcage: TWOTEN --> SNAPSHOT

    bmdhacks committed with travisbrown
    Not naming our poms TWOTEN confuses a lot of our automated built stuff such as maven-tools and the snapshot CI
    Set the suffix back to SNAPSHOT, as well as bump the patchlevel version to every pom because SNAPSHOT < TWOTEN lexically in pants.
  7. @travisbrown

    **/BUILD: no pants() or deps(), no duplicate deps

    Pierre Carrier committed with travisbrown
    - Get rid of the message:
    The alias 'dependencies(..)' has been deprecated in favor of 'target(..)'
    - Get rid of (most?) pants() invokations, as suggested by:
    *** pants() wrapper is obsolete and will be removed in a future release. See ***
    - Remove duplicate dependencies
  8. @bmdhacks @travisbrown

    Birdcage: Upgrade to scala_2.10

    bmdhacks committed with travisbrown
  9. @travisbrown

    One step on the road to get pants publishing in the birdcage is to add

    Andy Reitz committed with travisbrown
    provides() clauses to the BUILD files.  This is the result of running a
    script, that mines the POM files for artifacts to publish.  Maven and pants
    don't correspond 1:1, however, so this may result in some provides() being
    put on objects that won't ever publish, and some provides() missing on
    things that do.  This should serve as a first cut, that we might tweak in
    subsequent RBs.
    Prior art (that wasn't committed):
  10. @jcoveney @travisbrown
  11. @travisbrown

    finagle/* compiling, testing and benchmarking with pants.

    jsirois committed with travisbrown
    Includes supporting projects:
    Does not include finagle/finagle-protobuf which does not have a pom - will circle back to that.
    Also cleans up some util/* and 3rdarty/* targets.
  12. @mariusae @travisbrown

    core libraries: preliminary 2.10 port/build

    mariusae committed with travisbrown
  13. @travisbrown

    Destabilize the birdcage

    Andy Reitz committed with travisbrown
  14. @travisbrown

    Stabilize scala-json

    Andy Reitz committed with travisbrown
  15. @dhelder @travisbrown
  16. @travisbrown

    setting service-292 and scala-parent-292 versions to 0.0.4 in all pro…

    mmcbride committed with travisbrown
  17. @travisbrown

    bump scala-json to 3.0.1-SNAPSHOT

    Glen D Sanford committed with travisbrown
  18. @travisbrown

    release 3.0.0 of scala-json

    Glen D Sanford committed with travisbrown
  19. @travisbrown

    mavenize and 2.9.2-ize scala-json

    Glen D Sanford committed with travisbrown
  20. @travisbrown
Commits on Apr 26, 2011
  1. updating to 2.1.7-SNAPSHOT

    Steve Jenson committed
  2. updating to 2.1.6

    Steve Jenson committed
Commits on Apr 3, 2011
  1. @alpire

    Replaced deprecated methods.

    alpire committed
  2. @alpire
Commits on Dec 30, 2010
  1. Merge remote branch 'jjmmcc/master'

    Robey Pointer committed
Commits on Dec 24, 2010
  1. scala 2.8.1 and latest specs

    Jeremy Cloud committed
Commits on Oct 28, 2010
  1. 2.1.6-SNAPSHOT

    Robey Pointer committed
  2. 2.1.5

    Robey Pointer committed
  3. don't need vscaladoc.

    Robey Pointer committed
Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. fix tests.

    Robey Pointer committed
Commits on Oct 17, 2010
  1. Merge remote branch 'freels/scala28'

    Robey Pointer committed
  2. 1.1.9-SNAPSHOT

    Robey Pointer committed
  3. 1.1.8

    Robey Pointer committed
  4. bump to 1.1.8 snapshot.

    Robey Pointer committed
  5. sort the keys in a map.

    Robey Pointer committed
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