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package com.twitter.scalding.examples
import com.twitter.scalding._
import com.twitter.scalding.mathematics.Matrix
* MatrixTutorial6.scala
* Loads a document to word matrix where a[i,j] = freq of the word j in the document i
* computes the Tf-Idf score of each word w.r.t. to each document and keeps the top nrWords in each document
* (see*idf for more info)
* ../scripts/scald.rb --local MatrixTutorial6.scala --input data/docBOW.tsv --nrWords 300 --output data/featSelectedMatrix.tsv
class TfIdfJob(args : Args) extends Job(args) {
import Matrix._
val docWordMatrix = Tsv( args("input"), ('doc, 'word, 'count) )
.toMatrix[Long,String,Double]('doc, 'word, 'count)
// compute the overall document frequency of each row
val docFreq = docWordMatrix.sumRowVectors
// compute the inverse document frequency vector
val invDocFreqVct = docFreq.toMatrix(1).rowL1Normalize.mapValues( x => log2(1/x) )
// zip the row vector along the entire document - word matrix
val invDocFreqMat = pair => pair._2 )
// multiply the term frequency with the inverse document frequency and keep the top nrWords
docWordMatrix.hProd(invDocFreqMat).topRowElems( args("nrWords").toInt ).write(Tsv( args("output") ))
def log2(x : Double) = scala.math.log(x)/scala.math.log(2.0)
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