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data incorporate style feedback
execution-tutorial bumping version to 0.15.0; algebird to 0.10.1
.scalding_repl explain mysterious '.scalding_repl' file
AvroTutorial0.scala Give a better display command.
JsonTutorial0.scala Add semi-general support for scalding modules within scald.rb.
MatrixTutorial0.scala First draft of Matrix ready to go
MatrixTutorial1.scala Adding new tutorials to Matrix.scala
MatrixTutorial2.scala Adding new tutorials to Matrix.scala
MatrixTutorial3.scala Adding new tutorials to Matrix.scala
MatrixTutorial4.scala Adding new tutorials to Matrix.scala
MatrixTutorial5.scala Adding new tutorials to Matrix.scala
MatrixTutorial6.scala Binarize for document frequency
ReplTutorial1.scala fix ReplTutorial1's use of 'run'
Tutorial0.scala Initial Import
Tutorial1.scala Initial Import
Tutorial2.scala Initial Import
Tutorial3.scala Initial Import
Tutorial4.scala Initial Import
Tutorial5.scala Fix Tutorial
Tutorial6.scala Add an implicit conversion from Enumeration#Value to Fields
TypedTutorial.scala clean up comments
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