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@johnynek johnynek Updated Getting Started (markdown) c991fc3
@johnynek johnynek Updated Getting Started (markdown) c9764b4
@johnynek johnynek Updated Getting Started (markdown) ad6c309
@xinhhuynh xinhhuynh Updated Getting Started (markdown) cb90d0b
@xinhhuynh xinhhuynh Updated Getting Started (markdown) 4c05873
@mikegagnon mikegagnon Fix dead link for SBT install instructions 268a6f9
@softprops softprops fixed a few more code example that are not valid scala when rendered 762a2e3
@softprops softprops made some things in the example clearer to the first run is actually successful. 03bec71
@softprops softprops gh's code render renders `line.split("\\s+")` as `line.split("\s+")` which of course will not compile ( which is a bad experience for the copy paster ). `line.split("""\s+""")` on the the other hand will render _and_ compile e039b82
@softprops softprops fixed typo " files must be change" -> " files must be changed" d398fce
@johnmaxwelliv johnmaxwelliv Updated Getting Started (markdown) 22971c1
@mylons mylons was actually a typo on my end (using literal instead of string for args) -- reverting back to the original 7267259
@mylons mylons Code in example was slightly out of date causing compliation issues, and head scratching 7063fa2
@masverba masverba links to info about building with Leiningen a76d13e
@johnynek johnynek Updated Getting Started (markdown) 1ac17b8
@willf willf Added link to Scala cookbook e0ef28c
@willf willf need to clone the right branch 30ec255
@flavianv flavianv Updated Getting Started (markdown) efffe75
@ljrittle ljrittle Add a note about using MacPorts with its current default of sbt 0.12. c3e5da8
@jcoveney jcoveney Update docs for other versions of Scala d2a266f
snoble sbt package-dist fails for me and doesn't seem necessary 4f9386e
@alexanderdean alexanderdean Fixed quoting on the line split 8952fbd
@xiaoruoruo xiaoruoruo wrong split regex caused unexpected result 3009f85
@echen echen Updated Getting Started (markdown) 1353ef9
@echen echen Updated Getting Started (markdown) fb5a75d
@echen echen Updated Getting Started (markdown) 0b78808
@johnynek johnynek Updated Getting Started (markdown) d2e8043
@whiter4bbit whiter4bbit added missing backslash before symbol regexp battern 1faa803
@echen echen Updated Getting Started (markdown) 7621ee9
@echen echen Updated Getting Started (markdown) 57ce159
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