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A Ruby client for the Scribe distributed log server.
== License
Copyright 2009 Twitter, Inc. See included LICENSE file.
The public certificate for this gem is here[].
== Features
* clean encapsulation of the Thrift API
* Ruby 1.9 compatibility
The Github source repository is {here}[]. Patches and contributions are very welcome.
== Installation
You need Ruby 1.8 or 1.9. If you have those, just run:
sudo gem install scribe
== Usage
Now, start IRb and require the library:
require 'scribe'
Connect to a server:
client ='')
Log a line:
client.log("started up")
Log a line with a category:
client.log("my app started up", "MyApp")
Batch a number of log lines and send them all at once:
client.batch do
client.log("loading data")
That is all.
== Reporting problems
The Github issue tracker is {here}[]. If you have problems with Scribe itself, please use the {scribe-users mailing list}[].
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