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A Thrift parser/generator
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Scrooge is a thrift code generator written in Scala, which currently generates code for Scala and Java.

It's meant to be a replacement for the apache thrift code generator, and generates conforming, compatible binary codecs by building on top of libthrift.

Since Scala is API-compatible with Java, you can use the apache thrift code generator to generate Java files and use them from within Scala, but the generated code uses Java collections and mutable "bean" classes, causing some annoying boilerplate conversions to be hand-written. This is an attempt to bypass the problem by generating Scala code directly. It also uses Scala syntax so the generated code is much more compact.

There is a fairly comprehensive set of unit tests, which actually generate code, compile it, and execute it to verify expectations.


This project is used in production at Twitter (and many other organizations), and is being actively developed and maintained.


There are a couple of classes needed by the generated code. These have been moved out of scrooge into a separate jar to keep dependencies small. Maven users need to add the following to the pom.xml file:


SBT users need this:

val scroogeCore = "com.twitter" %% "scrooge-core" % "3.3.2"

Building the develop branch locally

You will need the develop branches of util, ostrich, and finagle. Finagle depends on scrooge-core, so the order in which you build dependencies should be:

  • in util: ./sbt publish-local
  • in ostrich: ./sbt publish-local
  • in scrooge: ./sbt 'project scrooge-core' publish-local
  • in finagle: /.sbt publish-local

Then you can build the entire scrooge package.

Full Documentation

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