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head fork: twitter/scrooge
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Commits on Dec 18, 2011
Robey Pointer replace mustache with a simpler scala templater. 9c5ca0a
Robey Pointer fix templates to look nice under the new templates. 18911e1
Robey Pointer bring "handlebar" in directly. 181850f
Robey Pointer add license headers. 32fe0ad
Commits on Jan 05, 2012
Robey Pointer rename apply to generate e33257e
Robey Pointer merge master eabe960
Robey Pointer argh. d4ee9cc
Commits on Jan 07, 2012
Robey Pointer Merge branch 'handlebar' 1d08f8d
Commits on Jan 19, 2012
@arya arya make thrift exceptions inherit from SourcedException 18b1ed8
@arya arya inherit from SourcedException instead 1b9bc53
@arya arya pass-through serviceName to FinagleThriftClient 1b685c4
Commits on Jan 24, 2012
@arya arya depend on new versions 6e99e0d
@arya arya org=com.twitter,name=scrooge,version=2.4.1 9208ee5
@arya arya org=com.twitter,name=scrooge,version=2.4.2-SNAPSHOT 7e772da
Commits on Jan 26, 2012
@arya arya set serviceName for encoded exceptions 186a948
@arya arya org=com.twitter,name=scrooge,version=2.4.2 60c3796
@arya arya org=com.twitter,name=scrooge,version=2.4.3-SNAPSHOT 100045e
Commits on Jan 28, 2012
@jjmmcc jjmmcc collect client request stats 37bb217
Commits on Feb 02, 2012
@jjmmcc jjmmcc scope stats with service name, if provided 76b14ed
Commits on Feb 03, 2012
@jjmmcc jjmmcc 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT 9b8291c
@jjmmcc jjmmcc org=com.twitter,name=scrooge,version=2.5.0 a165b01
@jjmmcc jjmmcc org=com.twitter,name=scrooge,version=2.5.1-SNAPSHOT 671a269
@jjmmcc jjmmcc merged origin 7d389b6
@jjmmcc jjmmcc merge resolution 191dda7
@jjmmcc jjmmcc org=com.twitter,name=scrooge,version=2.5.1 e6f7dcf
@jjmmcc jjmmcc org=com.twitter,name=scrooge,version=2.5.2-SNAPSHOT b5d42f7
@jjmmcc jjmmcc renamed _stats to stats for better named-arg love 630b19c
@jjmmcc jjmmcc org=com.twitter,name=scrooge,version=2.5.2 07bdf51
@jjmmcc jjmmcc org=com.twitter,name=scrooge,version=2.5.3-SNAPSHOT be11a26
Commits on Feb 05, 2012
@jjmmcc jjmmcc merged github 796bdc0