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Support for sbt 0.11.3? #16

diegovar opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Scrooge depends on sbt-package-dist which is not available in the maven repo for sbt 0.11.3. It also appears that twitter has moved away from sbt so support should not be expected on that plugin: twitter/sbt-package-dist#4

Any thoughts on having this work for sbt 0.11.3?


In the meantime, sbt has actually moved to version 0.12.0. As is usual with sbt, none of these versions are compatible with each other, which invalidates the hard work people put into making the previous versions work well.

Twitter moved to a maven-based build system. Scrooge could use that, but only if Twitter open-sources it. (Maven isn't really much better than sbt, but it doesn't break every few months, which is a huge advantage in this case.)

I'm +1 on any patch which updates sbt-package-dist to work with today's version of sbt, or any patch that removes scrooge's dependency on sbt-package-dist. I don't think scrooge is using much of it, and it could probably use a simple Makefile, if anyone is willing to do that work.


Migrating the code of sbt-package-dist and sbt-scrooge to sbt 0.11.3 is easy, we just need to publish a new release.


Scrooge is using 0.13.5 now. Closing this.

@nshkrob nshkrob closed this
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