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This retries the pull request #20 from @eirslett.

Copied from his pull request:

Using .java and .scala as file extensions for the template files messes up IDE's - they try to parse the files as valid java/scala code, and show a lot of red errors.

I also had problems with running actual Scala code, since the template files having a .java or .scala extension were scheduled for compilation, which failed.

Some IDE's (like IntelliJ) have Mustache syntax highlighting, so it makes more sense to highlight the templates as Mustache code, treating it as Scala embedded in Mustache, not Mustache embedded in Scala.


Is this different from #20?


No, its not. But for me the Travis build passed, for #20 it didn't :)


The diffs are identical (as far as I can see) but #20 is older/more diverged from master.


Okay. Can you rebase this to master again? I'll try to apply the patch.

nshkrob commented Jul 22, 2015

Closing old PRs. Feel free to reopen with an updated patch.

@nshkrob nshkrob closed this Jul 22, 2015
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