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script hash rails integration PoC #67

wants to merge 15 commits into from

detect partials

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oreoshake committed Sep 3, 2013
commit bcf3418efacd1394558c4cc05a5d222fa1de7e2e
@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ def append_features(base)

module ClassMethods
attr_writer :secure_headers_options
attr_writer :script_hashes
def secure_headers_options
if @secure_headers_options
@@ -31,8 +32,20 @@ def secure_headers_options

def script_hashes

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oreoshake Sep 6, 2013

Author Collaborator

this is C/P'd from above. Generalize.

if @script_hashes
elsif superclass.respond_to?(:script_hashes) # stop at application_controller

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spikebrehm Sep 3, 2014

This could be an issue if the superclass is itself a subclass of ApplicationController, yeah? i.e.:

MyController < AuthenticatedController < ApplicationController

Is it too hacky to recursively look up the superclass tree until it finds == 'ApplicationController'?

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oreoshake Sep 3, 2014

Author Collaborator

Sounds about right, I think that's only the case when you override settings from one controller to another. I guess this has just never come up :shrug:

raise "ERR"

def ensure_security_headers options = {}
self.script_hashes = YAML::load_file('config/script_hashes.yml')
self.secure_headers_options = options
before_filter :prep_script_hash
before_filter :set_hsts_header
before_filter :set_x_frame_options_header
before_filter :set_csp_header
@@ -52,6 +65,24 @@ def brwsr
@secure_headers_brwsr ||= => request.env['HTTP_USER_AGENT'])

def prep_script_hash
@partial_events = []
@hashes = []
ActiveSupport::Notifications.subscribe("render_partial.action_view") do |event_name, start_at, end_at, id, payload|
# this happens after rendering... hack for now to gsub values
puts response.headers.inspect
@partial_events << payload[:identifier]
@hashes << self.class.script_hashes[payload[:identifier].gsub(Rails.root.to_s, "")].join(" ")
hashes = self.class.script_hashes[payload[:identifier].gsub(Rails.root.to_s, "")].join(",")

# get header name
header_name =, :request => request, :controller => self).name
puts response.headers[header_name]
response.headers[header_name] = response.headers[header_name].sub(/script-src/, "script-src sha-256:" + hashes)
puts response.headers[header_name]

# backwards compatibility jank, to be removed in 1.0. Old API required a request
# object when it didn't really need to.
# set_csp_header - uses the request accessor and SecureHeader::Configuration settings
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