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Fix hyperlink to Finagle

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commit ec40836e3f47af92cf0c83cbb4187c529d7e7fa5 1 parent 742afd7
Berk D. Demir bdd authored

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@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ the next version based on
4 4 run anywhere without requiring Twitter's own infrastructure services.
5 5
6 6 The initial version, released in 2010, was based on Apache Thrift and it
7   -predated [Finagle](, our building
  7 +predated [Finagle](, our building
8 8 block for RPC services at Twitter. The Snowflake we're using internally is a
9 9 full rewrite and heavily relies on existing infrastructure at Twitter to run.
10 10 We cannot commit to a date but we're doing our best to add necessary features to

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