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A very simple gem package generation tool built on bundler
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spitball Build Status Code Climate

A very simple gem package generation tool built on bundler. Pass it a gem file, it spits out a tarball of the generated gem environment. Perfect for "bundle once, upload everywhere"-style deployment.

Also comes with spitball-server, a small sinatra app that you can run on a dedicated build server. The spitball command line client can then pull packages down from said server.


Usage: spitball [options] GEMFILE ARCHIVE

    -h, --host HOST                  Get the tarball from a remote spitball server
    -p, --port PORT                  Specify the remote server port. Default 8080
        --without a,b,c              Excluded groups in the tarball. Does not apply to remote spitballs

environment variables:
        SPITBALL_CACHE                 Specifies the cache dir. Defaults to /tmp/spitball-username


Lots of things are changing in bundler 1.0. We're stuck on 0.9.5 for now, but once we get to 1.0, this tool will probably work with lock files instead of gem files, for more predictable builds.

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