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* Add a cmd counter (counter for total # of commands) to stats
* Reply strings like NOT_FOUND, EXISTS, etc should come from a #define table
* separate command logic from item module, the latter should only care about create/destroy/link/replace.. items
* Add stat to track the memory overhead of hash table and connection module
* Refactor 'struct setting' to use the preprocessor and a #define table
* Reintroduce the functionality of MEMCACHED_PORT_FILENAME
* Reintroduce the functionality of MEMCACHED_HASH_BULK_MOVE
* Move hashing of keys outside the cache_lock; exploring saving hash value in item struct
* Analyze different hashing algorithms, choose the one that is cheapest
* Put a cap the size of hashtables
* Build a cache warmer or bootstraper, that populates twemcache from a dataset in a file