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@@ -13,13 +13,13 @@ To build mcperf from distribution tarball:
$ make
$ sudo make install
-To build mcperf from distribution tarball in debug mode:
+To build mcperf from distribution tarball in _debug mode_:
$ CFLAGS="-ggdb3 -O0" ./configure --enable-debug
$ make
$ sudo make install
-To build mcperf from source in debug mode:
+To build mcperf from source in _debug mode_:
$ git clone git://
$ cd twemperf
@@ -28,6 +28,55 @@ To build mcperf from source in debug mode:
$ make
$ src/mcperf -h
+## Help ##
+ Usage: mcperf [-?hV] [-v verbosity level] [-o output file]
+ [-s server] [-p port] [-H] [-t timeout] [-l linger]
+ [-b send-buffer] [-B recv-buffer] [-D]
+ [-m method] [-e expiry] [-q] [-P prefix]
+ [-c client] [-n num-conns] [-N num-calls]
+ [-r conn-rate] [-R call-rate] [-z sizes]
+ Options:
+ -h, --help : this help
+ -V, --version : show version and exit
+ -v, --verbosity=N : set logging level (default: 5, min: 0, max: 11)
+ -o, --output=S : set logging file (default: stderr)
+ -s, --server=S : set the hostname of the server (default: localhost)
+ -p, --port=N : set the port number of the server (default: 11211)
+ -H, --print-histogram : print response time histogram
+ ...
+ -t, --timeout=X : set the connection and response timeout in sec (default: 0.0 sec)
+ -l, --linger=N : set the linger timeout in sec, when closing TCP connections (default: off)
+ -b, --send-buffer=N : set socket send buffer size (default: 4096 bytes)
+ -B, --recv-buffer=N : set socket recv buffer size (default: 16384 bytes)
+ -D, --disable-nodelay : disable tcp nodelay
+ ...
+ -m, --method=M : set the method to use when issuing memcached request (default: set)
+ -e, --expiry=N : set the expiry value in sec for generated requests (default: 0 sec)
+ -q, --use-noreply : set noreply for generated requests
+ -P, --prefix=S : set the prefix of generated keys (default: mcp:)
+ ...
+ -c, --client=I/N : set mcperf instance to be I out of total N instances (default: 0/1)
+ -n, --num-conns=N : set the number of connections to create (default: 1)
+ -N, --num-calls=N : set the number of calls to create on each connection (default: 1)
+ -r, --conn-rate=R : set the connection creation rate (default: 0 conns/sec)
+ -R, --call-rate=R : set the call creation rate (default: 0 calls/sec)
+ -z, --sizes=R : set the distribution for item sizes (default: d1 bytes)
+ ...
+ Where:
+ N is an integer
+ X is a real
+ S is a string
+ M is a method string and is either a 'get', 'gets', 'delete', 'cas', 'set', 'add', 'replace'
+ 'append', 'prepend', 'incr', 'decr'
+ R is the rate written as [D]R1[,R2] where:
+ D is the distribution type and is either deterministic 'd', uniform 'u', or exponential 'e' and if:
+ D is ommited or set to 'd', a deterministic interval specified by parameter R1 is used
+ D is set to 'e', an exponential distibution with mean interval of R1 is used
+ D is set to 'u', a uniform distribution over interval [R1, R2) is used
+ R is 0, the next request or connection is created after the previous one completes
## Design ##
1. Single threaded.

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