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2012-18-10 Manju Rajashekhar <>
* twemproxy: version 0.2.2 release
fix the off-by-one error when calculating redis key length
2012-12-10 Manju Rajashekhar <>
* twemproxy: version 0.2.1 release
don't use buf in conf_add_server
allow an optional instance name for consistent hashing (charsyam)
add --stats-addr=S option
add stats-bind-any -a option (charsyam)
2012-12-03 Manju Rajashekhar <>
* twemproxy: version 0.2.0 release
add -D or --describe-stats command-line argument to print stats description
redis support in twemproxy
setup pre/post splitcopy and pre/post coalesce handlers in msg struct
memcache pre_splitcopy, post_splitcopy, pre_coalesce and post_coalesce handlers
every fragment of a msg vector keeps track of the first/last fragment, number of fragments and fragment owner
set up msg parser handler for memcache connections
refactor parsing code and create header file nc_proto.h
stats_listen should use st->addr as the listening address string
delete stats tracking memcache requests and responses; stats module no longer tracks protocol related stats
2012-10-27 Manju Rajashekhar <>
* twemproxy: version 0.1.20 release
on msg_repair, msg->pos should point to nbuf->pos and not nbuf->last
refactor memcache parsing code into proto directory
add redis option to configuration file
fix macro definition strXcmp error for big endian
fix log_hexdump and loga_hexdump
2012-07-31 Manju Rajashekhar <>
* twemproxy: version 0.1.19 release
close server connection on a stray response (yashh, bmatheny)
2012-06-19 Manju Rajashekhar <>
* twemproxy: version 0.1.18 release
command line option to set mbuf chunk size
2012-05-09 Manju Rajashekhar <>
* twemproxy: version 0.1.17 release
use _exit(0) instead of exit(0) when daemonizing
use loga instead of log_stderr in nc_stacktrace
2012-02-09 Manju Rajashekhar <>
* twemproxy: version 0.1.16 release
twemproxy (aka nutcracker) is a fast and lightweight proxy for memcached protocol.
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