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=== 1.4.1
* Added ability to use NFC and NFKC in core_ext/string
=== 1.4.0
* Added NFC and NFKC algorithms.
* Refactored Shared::UnicodeData::Attributes into Shared::CodePoint.
=== 1.3.6
* Added relative time functionality, eg. "2 seconds ago".
=== 1.3.0
* Reorganized locale resources.
* Added explicit specs for examples in the README.
* ArgumentError now raised if a resource can't be found.
* Fixed behavior of the :precision option for number formatting.
* Updated CLDR data to v21 (
* Added support for localized arrays (i.e. arrays of Unicode code points).
=== 1.2.0
* Added NFKD normalization algorithm.
* Formatter tokens now cached for better performance.
* Improvements to core extensions (Symbol, Date, etc).
* Added full normalization test from
* Autoload classes to improve performance.
=== 1.1.0
* Plural support [@KL-7]
* Unicode data, decomposition [@timothyandrew]
=== 1.0.1
* Fixed a US-ASCII bug that caused rake errors. This fix applies to both Ruby 1.8 and 1.9.
* Fixed a regexp error in a test function, as well as a tokenizer bug. All tests now pass.
* Added support for Travis, a distributed build platform.
=== 1.0.0
* Look ma, I'm open source!
=== 0.1.4
* Added functionality to gracefully fall back on default locale if chosen locale is unsupported.
=== 0.1.3
* Added support for Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Thai, and Urdu.
=== 0.1.2
* Added world language support.
=== 0.1.1
* Localized dates, times, and datetimes can now be interchangeably converted to each other.
* Fixed a bug that would not allow lookup of resource data by string (only symbol).
* Added really basic plural support.
=== 0.1.0
* Birthday!
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