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Attempting to fix jruby travis build issues (bundler not installed).

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1 parent 5d436a2 commit e32ec98d5e561daef1024bcbdaaf6cc0fa10c085 @camertron camertron committed Sep 20, 2012
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@@ -7,3 +7,4 @@ matrix:
- rvm: jruby-head
script: 'bundle exec rake spec:full'
+before_script: 'gem install bundler'

2 comments on commit e32ec98


Looks like it doesn't help. This issue has been already reported to Travis CI team, let's wait until they fix it.

Btw, with RVM's jruby-head I get these failures:

  1) TwitterCldr::Utils#yaml guards against circular references
     Failure/Error: lambda { TwitterCldr::Utils::YAML.dump(a) }.should raise_error(ArgumentError)
       expected ArgumentError, got #<SystemStackError: stack level too deep>
     # ./spec/utils/yaml/yaml_spec.rb:410:in `(root)'

  2) TwitterCldr::Utils#yaml tests successful roundtrip of multi-byte characters
     Failure/Error: (c == "\xc2\x85" ? "\n" : c).should == r  # "\N" is normalized as "\n"
       expected: "Â\u0080"
            got: "\u0080" (using ==)
     # ./spec/utils/yaml/yaml_spec.rb:209:in `(root)'
     # ./spec/utils/yaml/yaml_spec.rb:200:in `(root)'
     # ./spec/utils/yaml/yaml_spec.rb:178:in `(root)'

  3) TwitterCldr::Utils#yaml tests successful roundtrip of ambiguous strings
     Failure/Error: src.should == r
       expected: nil
            got: "nUll" (using ==)
     # ./spec/utils/yaml/yaml_spec.rb:278:in `(root)'
     # ./spec/utils/yaml/yaml_spec.rb:274:in `(root)'
     # ./spec/utils/yaml/yaml_spec.rb:215:in `(root)'

  4) TwitterCldr::Utils#yaml tests successfull roundtrip for a few special characters
     Failure/Error: src.should == r
       expected: "aaâ\u0080¨"
            got: "aa\u2028" (using ==)
     # ./spec/utils/yaml/yaml_spec.rb:296:in `(root)'
     # ./spec/utils/yaml/yaml_spec.rb:288:in `(root)'
     # ./spec/utils/yaml/yaml_spec.rb:287:in `(root)'
     # ./spec/utils/yaml/yaml_spec.rb:286:in `(root)'

As far as I can see not all parts of the gem are using Utils::YAML, but if we're going to use it everywhere in the future, I think we should try to fix these JRuby issues, because tailoring resources generation depends on it. Should I create an issue for that?


Oh weird. The issues I was getting were because bundler wasn't installed for some reason. Travis never actually got to run the YAML tests with JRuby until now. Yes, we should definitely create an issue for this.

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