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Add a autolink test

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1 parent 00710e6 commit 056022c26018934fc0860f952f7fc64c48ff4588 Matt Sanford committed Apr 26, 2010
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4 autolink.yml
@@ -151,6 +151,10 @@ tests:
text: "I enjoy Macintosh Brand computers: http://✪"
expected: "I enjoy Macintosh Brand computers: <a href=\"http://✪\">http://✪</a>"
+ - description: "Autolink url with .co. under TLD"
+ text: "test"
+ expected: "test <a href=\"\"></a>"
- description: "DO NOT Autolink url containing ! character in the domain"
text: "badly formatted http://foo!"
expected: "badly formatted http://foo!"

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