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Add a conformance tests for autolinking username in old-style RTs whe…

…n spaces have been removed
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1 parent 84357f0 commit 63f28c829a351843ce6c15a117f2ce064b376c12 Matt Sanford committed Sep 24, 2010
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@@ -33,6 +33,10 @@ tests:
text: "あ@usernameの"
expected: "あ@<a class=\"tweet-url username\" href=\"\">username</a>の"
+ - description: "Autolink usernamt in compressed RT"
+ text: "RT@username: long Tweet is loooong"
+ expected: "RT@<a class=\"tweet-url username\" href=\"\">username</a>: long Tweet is loooong"
- description: "DO NOT Autolink username followed by accented latin characters"
text: "@aliceìnheiro something something"
expected: "@aliceìnheiro something something"

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