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Fixing quotes in new conformance test

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1 parent ba87602 commit 8e20dfb6f057f5884eb9d7e646a16d1bcc00918b @hoverbird hoverbird committed
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4 autolink.yml
@@ -145,11 +145,11 @@ tests:
- description: "Autolink url surrounded by parentheses"
text: "text ("
- expected: 'text (<a href=\"\"></a>)'
+ expected: "text (<a href=\"\"></a>)"
- description : "Autolink url containing unicode characters"
text: "I enjoy Macintosh Brand computers: http://✪"
- expected: 'I enjoy Macintosh Brand computers: <a href=\"http://✪">http://✪</a>'
+ expected: "I enjoy Macintosh Brand computers: <a href=\"http://✪\">http://✪</a>"
- description: "Autolink url preceded by :"
text: "text:"

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