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add a comment for a test case with combining diacritics

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1 parent 22482df commit a653afa54a2e246758bf991797e04b4d7f253489 @keitaf keitaf committed May 2, 2012
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@@ -374,6 +374,7 @@ tests:
text: "#mûǁae"
expected: "<a href=\"!/search?q=%23mûǁae\" title=\"#mûǁae\" class=\"tweet-url hashtag\">#mûǁae</a>"
+# Please be careful with changes to this test case - what looks like "á" is really a + U+0301, and many editors will silently convert this to U+00E1.
- description: "Autolink hashtags with combining diacritics"
text: "#táim #hag̃ua"
expected: "<a href=\"!/search?q=%23táim\" title=\"#táim\" class=\"tweet-url hashtag\">#táim</a> <a href=\"!/search?q=%23hag̃ua\" title=\"#hag̃ua\" class=\"tweet-url hashtag\">#hag̃ua</a>"

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