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Add an addition XSS test

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1 parent 2048424 commit c5ef0227134eaca79400f1d92d955d10654e1945 Matt Sanford committed
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7 autolink.yml
@@ -339,6 +339,11 @@ tests:
- description: "Autolink URL should link urls with very long paths"
text: "Check out"
expected: "Check out <a href=\"\"></a>"
+ - description: "Autolink URL should HTML escape the URL"
+ text: "example:\"onmousedown=\"alert('foo')\" style=background-color:yellow;color:yellow;\"/"
+ expected: "example: <a href=\"\"></a>@\"onmousedown=\"alert('foo')\" style=background-color:yellow;color:yellow;\"/"
- description: "Autolink all does not break on URL with @"
text: " if you know what's good for you."
@@ -348,6 +353,6 @@ tests:
text: "Check out:"
expected: "Check out: <a href=\"\"></a>&@<a class=\"tweet-url username\" href=\"\">chasesechrist</a>"
- - description: "Currently handles URL follower directly by @user"
+ - description: "Correctly handles URL follower directly by @user"
text: "See:"
expected: "See: <a href=\"\"></a>@<a class=\"tweet-url username\" href=\"\">user</a>"

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