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Merge pull request #51 from twitter/allow_@_in_url

allow @ in urls
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commit ef30ae9a3fb99957432b48c92dad31fd476cd093 2 parents 5a1e4e1 + 91e8af6
@jakl jakl authored
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8 autolink.yml
@@ -686,13 +686,9 @@ tests:
text: " if you know what's good for you."
expected: "<a href=\"\"></a> if you know what's good for you."
- - description: "Autolink all does not allow & without ?"
- text: "Check out:"
- expected: "Check out: <a href=\"\"></a>&@chasesechrist"
- - description: "Correctly handles URL follower directly by @user"
+ - description: "Correctly handles URL followed directly by @user"
text: "See:"
- expected: "See: <a href=\"\"></a>@<a class=\"tweet-url username\" href=\"\">user</a>"
+ expected: "See: <a href=\"\"></a>"
- description: "Correctly handles URL with an @user followed by trailing /"
text: "See:"

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