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@@ -2,9 +2,8 @@ TwitterActors
A fork of the actor library from Scala 2.7.7 that completely removes Scala's
-built-in copies of `java.util.concurrent.*` classes and instead relies on
-their original versions in the standard Java library, without any functional
+built-in copies of `java.util.concurrent.*` classes from its implementation
+and instead relies on their original versions in the standard Java library.
@@ -12,11 +11,15 @@ The built-in copies are from an old version of the Doug Lea's public-domain
code. The Java runtimes ship with versions of the code that is kept
up-to-date, with bugs being fixed and code begin enhanced. Simply by upgrading
to a new Java runtime, the actor runtime will benefit from any improvements to
-the concurrent classes.
+the concurrent classes. We originally created this project because the Scala
+copy of a concurrent class had a bug that caused very high GC pressure; that
+bug was however long fixed in the original Java library class version.
In order to use this library instead of Scala actor library, import
-`com.twitter.actors.*` instead of `scala.actors.*` in your code.
+`com.twitter.actors.*` instead of `scala.actors.*` in your code. Neither the
+functionality nor the interface of the actor library have been changed in any
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