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A "getting started" guide would be great #113

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I believe that you would do a great favor to potential users of your framework if you wrote a short getting started guide.

Currently one has to dig into the source code and be quite familiar with Cocoa to understand how things work.


Even simpler: go pick up a tutorial on iOS development and then rename all UI* classes to TUI* classes, in 90% of cases.


Alright, I can do that then, along with a fresh new README. I'm fairly sure we're at 0.4 or 0.5 of TwUI too. Any other things you'd need tutorials on for TwUI?

P.S. J'aperçois que vous parlez en français?


Alright, I'll make a tutorial with steps and pretty pictures and append it to a new README file this weekend then :]

Haha, je suis un étudiant américain, qui suis le cours de français au lycée... et je l'aime beaucoup! :D


De rien, mon nouveau copain! :D


intéressant de voir des Lyonnais utilisant TwUI. Vous pouvez en compter un de plus!


J'aurai ajouté l'exemple du TUINSView et TUIView installation que vous me voulez faire à ma "fourchette" de github.... o_o (In English: I will add the example on the setup of the TUINSView and TUIView you wanted me to do to my github fork. Pardon my french :D)

EDIT: Link: #115


De rien, mes amis ;D


I've been read the README, but I cannot found the exact getting started. So where actually the getting started ?

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@maxgoedjen maxgoedjen Partial fix for #113.
Doesn't totally fix it, header doesn't properly move in some cases
(rows near the header).
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