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After going through the structure of the code as well as the little documentation provided - I'm still left confused as to what is the goal of this entire project ?

What does twui wish to achieve/solve ?

  1. Does it wish to be an independent UI framework with zero dependencies on AppKit and only using some lower level apis and the foundation framework ?
  2. Why does it wish to be compatible with AppKit and to achieve intermixing of TUIViews and NSViews ! This is an unrealistic goal to aim for considering that AppKit is closed source. Only one way communication can be established in this form. Two way communication is also possible but somewhat hacky !
  3. Does it only wish to add a custom look and new views utilising core animation for blazing fast rendering ?

To be the best damned Core Animation Layer-based graphics interface kit. Evarr. With two 'r's.

  1. It is indeed independent, however, used sparingly, can coexist with AppKit, and perhaps even Chameleon.
  2. It does NOT wish to be compatible- the TUINSView is the host layer for the Core Animation TUIView system, which passes events for handling to all the subviews in a responder chain.
  3. It DOES let you do this, but it's not a custom look, per se, as there is no look or feel at the moment (customize it!).

Regarding item 2, part of our goal with the Velvet framework was to support just this. We have a custom TwUI fork which allows two-way bridging between AppKit and Velvet, and Velvet and TwUI.

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