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text-renderer select issue #58

Naituw opened this Issue · 1 comment

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(My english is poor , but I'm trying hard to explain this. : ) )
I have a textRenderer in a TUITableViewCell , but it is abnormal when I use mouse drag to select text in it.

The background didn't change when I dragging.

I found TUITableViewCell has override selfs' mouseDragged: method for cell reordering function.

so I add [super mouseDragged:event]; in this method.
method seems like below now.

-(void)mouseDragged:(NSEvent *)event {
  // notify our table view of the event
    [super mouseDragged:event];
  [self.tableView __mouseDraggedCell:self offset:_mouseOffset event:event];

Is that correct ?


You can see it in example app , cell is draggable, but you can select text in it only by double click it or drag and mouse up, background color change when you did mouse up.

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