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avaidyam commented Jun 1, 2012

I updated the README a slight bit to what I think TwUI is at: 0.5r1. I've also remodeled the TUINSWindow using the INAppStoreWindow as a base and auto-setup the hierarchy, so as to allow a simple -[TUIWindow setRootView:] call to begin the TUIView hierarchy. It may be required to contact indragiek, for using his window code....

jwilling commented Jun 2, 2012

Embedding INAppStoreWindow methods within TUIWindow doesn't seem like a good way to go about it. Just my opinion, anyway.

joshaber commented Jun 2, 2012

I agree. I'd love to flesh out TUINSWindow a bit but I'm not sure baking in INAppStoreWindow is the direction we want to go.

avaidyam commented Jun 2, 2012

It was just a quick example to show something :]

sbooth commented Jun 2, 2012

I agree as well, a more functional TUIWindow would be great but I don't know if this is the best way/

@joshaber joshaber closed this Jun 2, 2012
avaidyam commented Jun 2, 2012

Again, just a proof of concept. I can try to rework it to become more compatible and feature-filled WITHOUT using INAppStoreWindow. :]

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