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I've made a variety of general maintenance updates to twurl, none of which should result in any change in behavior. Highlights:

  • Replacing RCov with SimpleCov to measure code coverage. RCov hasn't been updated since 2009 and doesn't work reliably on Ruby 1.9.
  • Replacing test-unit with minitest. This is the new default in Ruby 1.9 and offers backwards compatibility to earlier versions of ruby via a gem, which is specified as a development dependency in the gemspec.
  • Replacing rake/gempackagetask with rubygems/package_task, removing a deprecation warning.
  • Adding JRuby support by including jruby-openssl in the Gemfile. This is primarily to make tests pass on JRuby.
  • Adding a .travis.yml file for Travis CI configuration. If you enable the Travis post-commit hook on GitHub, this will ensure compatibility with a variety of Ruby versions after each commit. Highly recommended!
  • Opt-in for testing with rubygems-test (a.k.a. GemTesters).

If you don't mind adding me as a contributor on the repo, I'm happy to help triage bugs.

As I mentioned above, these changes should only affect people developing the gem. Code that actually gets packaged should be untouched by these changes. If someone wants to hack on twurl, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect them to use a modern version of Ruby and rubygems.


Check out the early results from GemTesters:

To run the tests on your box, you can simply:

gem install rubygems-test
gem install twurl -v 0.6.4
gem test twurl

Here are detailed instructions to set up Travis CI:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "Sign in with GitHub" link (in the upper right)
  3. Once you're signed in, go to:
  4. Copy your Travis Token to your pasteboard
  5. Go to the Service Hooks Admin page for twurl
  6. Select Travis, paste in your Token, check the Active box and press "Update Settings"
  7. If you select Travis again and press "Test Hook", you should see your first CI build appear at!/marcel/twurl
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If you want to add me as a rubygems pusher as well, you can type the command:

gem owner twurl --add



Ooh, looks like you did that already. Thanks, Marcel.

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