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The Twitter plugin for WordPress supports generating a Tweet button through the twitter_share shortcode. Add a Tweet button to a WordPress post by including the shortcode in the post editor. Or evaluate a shortcode in PHP using the do_shortcode WordPress function.


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Supported shortcode attributes

Attribute Description Example
text Pre-populated text highlighted in the Tweet composer. A text value provided in a shortcode overrides the text value provided in the post editor. Hello world
hashtags A comma-separated list of hashtags to include with the Tweet. A hashtags value provided in a shortcode overrides the hashtags value provided in the post editor. cute,funny
url URL included with the Tweet. Automatically set to the permalink value for the post after passing through the twitter_url filter when executed inside the loop.
via Attribute the source of a Tweet to a Twitter username. Defaults to the Twitter username provided in the Site Attribution section of the Twitter settings page. May be overridden by the twitter_via_username filter. TwitterDev
related A comma-separated list of Twitter accounts related to the shared content with an optional description of the relation provided after a semicolon. Related accounts may be displayed after a Tweet to encourage a Tweet author to follow an account. twittermusic:Music,twittermedia:Media
in_reply_to Specify a Tweet ID for a new Tweet to appear in reply to another Tweet. 463440424141459456
align Set to left or right to force align the button inside the generated iframe. right
size Set to large to display a larger version of the Tweet button. large

Site-wide customization using a filter

A website may programmatically set Tweet button parameters by acting on the associative array passed to the shortcode_atts_twitter_share WordPress filter.

Functions acting on the filter should treat the value associated with the hashtags key as a positional array of unique values. The value associated with the related key should be treated as an associative array with keys of Twitter usernames and values describing each username (or an empty string if no description).


 * Always show a large button
 * @param array $options parsed options with defaults applied
 * @param array $defaults default values of a Tweet button
 * @param array $attributes user-defined shortcode attributes
 * @return array options array with our customization applied
function twitter_share_custom_options( $options, $defaults, $attributes )
  $options['size'] = 'large';
  return $options;
add_filter( 'shortcode_atts_twitter_share', 'twitter_share_custom_options', 10, 3 );
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