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This repository contains a Python package that provides an interface to Twitter's Engagement API.
In addition to providing a straightforward interface to the API, this package implements extra aggregation features.


You can pip-install the package:

$ pip install gnip_insights_interface

You can also install a local version from the cloned repository location.

[REPOSITORY] $ pip install -e . -U


This package expects to find a YAML credentials file called .twitter_api_creds in your home directory. This files must contain your Twitter Oauth credentials in the following format:

username: YOUR_USER_NAME
    consumer_key: --
    consumer_secret: --
    token: --
    token_secret: --

Engagement API Interface

We provide an interface for passing a set of Tweet IDs to the Twitter Engagement API, which provides engagement data such as impressions, favorites, and replies. A full list of the available engagement types, their names, and the ways that they can be grouped is available in the API documentation.

We construct the API interface in a python module called engagement_api, which is part of the gnip_insights_interface package. We provide a script for command-line interface called The script provides direct access the the three endpoint of the API: total counts (-T), 28 hour summary (-D, for "day"), as well as an aggregating function (-H) which combines the data from results over an arbitrary time range. See the help option.

Custom groupings and engagements types are set with a YAML configuration file specified with the -c option. See example config in the example directory in the repository.