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Prepare new release (0.5).

- Add Jeremy Fitzhardinge, Bryan O'Sullivan to AUTHORS.
- Streamline Readme and cabal file.
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@twittner authored
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  2. +2 −0  AUTHORS
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@@ -2,4 +2,5 @@
@@ -2,4 +2,6 @@ Toralf Wittner original implementation
David Himmelstrup added send'
Nicolas Trangez added support for zmq_device and "queue" test app
Ville Tirronen added support for ZMG_SNDMORE
+Jeremy Fitzhardinge integrated with GHC's I/O manager
+Bryan O'Sullivan added resource wrappers, socket finalizer
@@ -3,11 +3,10 @@ This library provides Haskell bindings to zeromq (
Current status
-Version 0.4.1 - This software currently has *beta* status, i.e. it had
+Version 0.5.0 - This software currently has *beta* status, i.e. it had
seen limited testing. Changes to its API may still happen.
-This software was developed and tested on Linux 2.6.35 with GHC-6.12.3
-using zeromq-2.0.9.
+This software requires zeromq version 2.1.0.
@@ -15,32 +14,15 @@ Installation
As usual for Haskell packages this software is installed best via Cabal
( In addition to GHC it depends on 0MQ of course.
-The API mostly follows 0MQ's. Public functions are:
-- `init`
-- `term`
-- `socket`
-- `close`
-- `setOption`
-- `getOption`
-- `subscribe`
-- `unsubscribe`
-- `bind`
-- `connect`
-- `send`
-- `send'`
-- `receive`
-- `moreToReceive`
-- `poll`
-One difference to 0MQ's API is that sockets are parameterized types, i.e. there
-is not one socket type but when creating a socket the desired socket type has
-to be specified, e.g. `Pair` and the resulting socket is of type `Socket Pair`.
+zeromq-haskell mostly follows 0MQ's API. One difference though is that sockets
+are parameterized types, i.e. there is not one socket type but when creating a
+socket the desired socket type has to be specified, e.g. `Pair` and the
+resulting socket is of type `Socket Pair`.
This additional type information is used to ensure that only options applicable
-to the socket type can be set, hence `ZMQ_SUBSCRIBE` and `ZMQ_UNSUBSCRIBE` which
+to the socket type can be set, hence `ZMQ_SUBSCRIBE` and `ZMQ_UNSUBSCRIBE` which
only apply to `ZMQ_SUB` sockets have their own functions (`subscribe` and
`unsubscribe`) which can only be used with sockets of type `Socket Sub`.
@@ -58,6 +40,6 @@ Bugs
If you find any bugs or other shortcomings I would greatly appreciate a bug
-report, preferably via or e-mail
+report, preferably via or
+e-mail to
8 zeromq-haskell.cabal
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
name: zeromq-haskell
-version: 0.4.2
+version: 0.5.0
synopsis: bindings to zeromq
description: Bindings to zeromq (
category: System, FFI
@@ -7,16 +7,16 @@ license: MIT
license-file: LICENSE
author: Toralf Wittner
-copyright: Copyright (c) 2010 zeromq-haskell authors
+copyright: Copyright (c) 2011 zeromq-haskell authors
stability: experimental
-tested-With: GHC == 6.12.3
+tested-With: GHC == 7.0.2
cabal-version: >= 1.6.0
build-type: Simple
extra-source-files:, AUTHORS, test/*.hs, test/perf/*.hs
- exposed-modules: System.ZMQ, System.ZMQ.IO
+ exposed-modules: System.ZMQ
other-modules: System.ZMQ.Base, System.ZMQ.Internal
ghc-options: -Wall -O2
extensions: CPP,
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