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This is an export of the content that we use in Umbrella App

You can download Umbrella on Google Play, Amazon, Github, or our F-Droid Repo

(F-Droid Fingerprint: 39EB57052F8D684514176819D1645F6A0A7BD943DBC31AB101949006AC0BC228)

Currently the only encoding in the app is .JSON files and the language is only English, but we hope this becomes a basis for translation to other languages.

If you are looking for slightly eaiser to use formats, we have also made the original content documents available in Word .doc, Open Document .odt, HTML and Markdown .md.

This is the first export of Umbrella so there may be issues and inaccuracies, please report them to

##Contributing Content and/or Translating

We are currently translating Umbrella into other languages. You can see our progress and volunteer to translate on our [Transifex] ( Many thanks to the awesome team at the [Localization Lab] ( for helping us conduct such as massive undertaking!

For more information, please see our [translator information document] (

For Chinese localization, please check this,本專案正體中文化進度,請參查此。

We are currently in the middle of making our content flow more efficient and are collaborating with a community project to make it easier to reuse. For more details on that, see [here] (

##Umbrella Content Licence Umbrella content is Creative Commons [CC BY-SA 3.0] (

##Licences for Content Used in Umbrella

Umbrella is a community project and could not have been created without the incredible work of many people and partners – especially those who helped provide content and code. We can’t thank you all enough!!! We’ve done our best to make sure all the licences and credit for your hard work are included here but if we made a mistake please let us know at

• “Surveillance Self Defence” by Electronic Frontier Foundation. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. (2014). Surveillance Self Defense. Available at

• Tactical Technology Collective & Frontline Defenders. Security in a Box. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Available at

• Humanitarian Practice Network. (2010) Good Practice Review Number 8: Operational security management in violent environments (Revised Ed.). Overseas Development Institute. Available at:

• 2004 CARE International - Safety and Security Handbook. Copyright © 2004 Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere, Inc. (CARE). All rights reserved.

• ECHO Generic Security Guide for Humanitarian Organisations, 2004. © European Union, 1995-2013.

• Humanitarian Practice Network. (2010) Good Practice Review Number 8: Operational security management in violent environments (Revised Ed.). Overseas Development Institute. © Overseas Development Institute, London, 2010. Available at:

• Fellow Security Initiative. 2008. The Social Entrepreneur's Security Toolkit. Ashoka: Innovators for the Public. Copyright © 2008, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public. Available at

• Schmickle, Sharon. 2007. Reporting War. Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma and the Dart Society. © 2007 Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma and the Dart Society.Available at

• Smyth, Frank. (2012). Journalist Security Guide. Committee to Protect Journalists. Available at

• BBC. (2009). Journalism Safety Guide. BBC. Available at

• Eguren, Enrique. & Caraj, Marie. 2008. New Protection Manual for Human Rights Defenders (3rd Ed.). Protection International. Copyright© 2008 by Protection International. Available at


Content Used In Umbrella App




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