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ghost commented Feb 18, 2013

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twobit commented Feb 18, 2013

Hi Yi, I think yuicompress and compress flags are mutually exclusive. So we should only have one flag on at a time. I would default to compress since that is current behavior. I can make the changes in the evening, thanks for bringing the issue to my attention.


ghost commented Feb 19, 2013

I'm not sure if compress and yuicompress are mutually exclusive, as less itself allow both at the same time. Compress affect how less output css from each node of the syntax tree, and yuicompress is implemented as a final pass. Anyway, it would be great to have yuicompress option as it does several optimizations that compress would not do.


twobit commented Feb 19, 2013

Yi, only one flag is necessary it appears. I just checked in a change which allows the options to be passed directly to Less. That means you can do something like this:

new Queue()
    .cssminify({yuicompress: true})

Defaulting to basic compress for this minor version release. In the next major version release I will make yuicompress the default.

twobit closed this Feb 19, 2013


ghost commented Feb 20, 2013

Thanks, Stephen.

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