A different, better variant of the Win32API Ruby library
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= Description
  This is a drop-in replacement for the Win32API library currently part of
  Ruby's standard library.
= Synopsis
  require 'win32/api'
  include Win32
  # Typical example - Get user name
  buf = 0.chr * 260
  len = [buf.length].pack('L')
  GetUserName = API.new('GetUserName', 'PP', 'I', 'advapi32')
  GetUserName.call(buf, len)
  puts buf.strip
  # Callback example - Enumerate windows
  EnumWindows     = API.new('EnumWindows', 'KP', 'L', 'user32')
  GetWindowText   = API.new('GetWindowText', 'LPI', 'I', 'user32')
  EnumWindowsProc = API::Callback.new('LP', 'I'){ |handle, param|
    buf = "\0" * 200
    GetWindowText.call(handle, buf, 200);
    puts buf.strip unless buf.strip.empty?
    buf.index(param).nil? ? true : false
  EnumWindows.call(EnumWindowsProc, 'UEDIT32')
  # Raw function pointer example - System beep
  LoadLibrary    = API.new('LoadLibrary', 'P', 'L')
  GetProcAddress = API.new('GetProcAddress', 'LP', 'L')
  hlib = LoadLibrary.call('user32')
  addr = GetProcAddress.call(hlib, 'MessageBeep')
  func = Win32::API::Function.new(addr, 'L', 'L')
= Differences between win32-api and Win32API
  * This library has callback support
  * This library supports raw function pointers.
  * This library supports a separate string type for const char* (S).
  * Argument order change. The DLL name is now last, not first.
  * Removed the 'N' and 'n' prototypes. Always use 'L' for longs now.
  * Sensible default arguments for the prototype, return type and DLL name.
  * Reader methods for the function name, effective function name, prototype,
    return type and DLL.
  * Removed the support for lower case prototype and return types. Always
    use capital letters.
= Developer's Notes
  The current Win32API library that ships with the standard library has been
  slated for removal from Ruby 2.0 and it will not receive any updates in the
  Ruby 1.8.x branch. I have far too many libraries invested in it to let it
  die at this point.
  In addition, the current Win32API library was written in the bad old Ruby
  1.6.x days, which means it doesn't use the newer allocation framework.
  There were several other refactorings that I felt it needed to more closely
  match how it was actually being used in practice.
  The first order of business was changing the order of the arguments. By
  moving the DLL name from first to last, I was able to provide reasonable
  default arguments for the prototype, return type and the DLL. Only the
  function name is required now.
  There was a laundry list of other refactorings that were needed: sensical
  instance variable names with proper accessors, removing support for lower
  case prototype and return value characters that no one used in practice,
  better naming conventions, the addition of RDoc ready comments and,
  especially, callback and raw function pointer support.
  Most importantly, we can now add, modify and fix any features that we feel
  best benefit our end users.

= Documentation
  The source file contains inline RDoc documentation. If you installed
  this file as a gem, then you have the docs. Run "gem server" and point
  your browser at http://localhost:8808 to see them.
= Warranty
  This package is provided "as is" and without any express or
  implied warranties, including, without limitation, the implied
  warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
= Known Issues
  Possible callback issues when dealing with multi-threaded applications.
  Please submit any bug reports to the project page at

= Copyright
  (C) 2003-2010 Daniel J. Berger
  All Rights Reserved

= License
  Artistic 2.0

= Authors
  Daniel J. Berger
  Park Heesob