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3. In your AppDelegate's applicationDidFinishLaunchingWithOptions (or in a method called from there), create an AnalyticsKit*Provider (where * is the provider); add it to your loggers array; and call initializeLoggers
- // Create the AnalyticsKitApsalarProvider
- NSString *apsalarKey = @"myAPIKey";
- NSString *apsalarSecret = @"mySecret";
+// Create the AnalyticsKitApsalarProvider
+NSString *apsalarKey = @"myAPIKey";
+NSString *apsalarSecret = @"mySecret";
//if you don't want your simulator activity to be logged, use bogus keys
- NSMutableArray *loggers = [[NSMutableArray arrayWithObject:[[[AnalyticsKitApsalarProvider alloc] initWithAPIKey:apsalarKey andSecret:apsalarSecret andLaunchOptions:launchOptions] autorelease]] retain];
+NSMutableArray *loggers = [NSMutableArray arrayWithObject:[[AnalyticsKitApsalarProvider alloc] initWithAPIKey:apsalarKey andSecret:apsalarSecret andLaunchOptions:launchOptions]];
//if you are using more than one analytics provider, create as many AnalyticsKit*Providers as you need,
//and add them to loggers array
- //initialize AnalyticsKit to send messages to Flurry and TestFlight
- [AnalyticsKit initializeLoggers:loggers];
+[AnalyticsKit initializeLoggers:loggers];
3. Where significant events occur, call AnalyticsKit logEvent: or other appropriate method. Example:
- [AnalyticsKit logEvent:@"Notifications - Displaying Webview For Notification" withProperties:eventDict];
+[AnalyticsKit logEvent:@"Notifications - Displaying Webview For Notification" withProperties:eventDict];
4. You may also want to make AnalyticsKit calls at application lifecycle events, such as applicationDidEnterBackground, applicationWillTerminate, applicationWillEnterForeground

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