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Analytics framework for iOS

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The goal of AnalyticsKit is to provide a consistent API for analytics regardless of the provider. With AnalyticsKit, you just call one logging method and AnalyticsKit relays that logging message to each registered provider.

Supported Providers

If you would like to add support for a new provider or to update the code for an existing one, simply fork the master repo, make your changes, and submit a pull request.

How to Use


***Please Note -- While we welcome contributions, Two Bit Labs does not officially support Cocoapods for AnalyticsKit. If you run into problems integrating AnalyticsKit using Cocoapods, please log a GitHub issue.

If your project uses Cocoapods, you can simply inlcude AnalyticsKit for full provider support, or you can specify your provider using Cocoapods subspecs.

  • AdjustIO - pod 'AnalyticsKit/AdjustIO'
  • Flurry - pod 'AnalyticsKit/Flurry'
  • Google Analytics - pod 'AnalyticsKit/GoogleAnalytics'
  • Localytics - pod 'AnalyticsKit/Localytics'
  • Mixpanel - pod 'AnalyticsKit/Mixpanel'
  • New Relic - pod 'AnalyticsKit/NewRelic'
  • TestFlight - pod 'AnalyticsKit/TestFlight'

***Please Note -- The Parse subspec has been removed, as it won't integrate correctly using Cocoapods.


  1. Download the provider's SDK and add it to your project, or install via cocoapods.
  2. Add AnalyticsKit to your project either as a git submodule or copying the source into your project. In Xcode, only include AnalyticsKit.h/.m and any providers you plan to use.
  3. In your AppDelegate's applicationDidFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method, create an array with your provider instance(s) and call initializeLoggers:.
NSString *flurryKey = @"0123456789ABCDEF";

// If you're running tethered or in the simulator, it's best to use different/fake keys
// instead of bypassing AnalyticsKit completely.
    flurryKey = @"0000000000000000";

AnalyticsKitFlurryProvider *flurry = [[AnalyticsKitFlurryProvider alloc] initWithAPIKey:flurryKey];

[AnalyticsKit initializeLoggers:@[flurry]];

To log an event, simply call the logEvent: method.

[AnalyticsKit logEvent:@"Log In" withProperties:infoDict];

See AnalyticsKit.h for an exhaustive list of the logging methods available.


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