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Added "Add Quartz framework" to the implementation instructions, alon…

…g with "arrow@2x.png".
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@@ -6,7 +6,8 @@ It is:
- doesn't suck
To implement it:
- - add the three files (PullToRefreshView.{h,m} and arrow.png) to your project
+ - add the four files (PullToRefreshView.{h,m}, arrow.png and arrow@2x.png) to your project
+ - add the Quartz framework to your project if you haven't done so yet
- #import "PullToRefreshView.h"
- add an ivar: PullToRefreshView *pull; // or whatever you want to name it
- in loadView or viewDidLoad, add this (and be sure to release in dealloc/viewDidUnload, etc):

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